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The Writings of a Hyper Cardle Lover
23rd June 2012 - Westlife Farewell Tour (Cinema Live Stream) 
24th-Jun-2012 10:27 pm
Maiden, Bromance, Matt Cardle, Aiden Grimshaw, Cute
So last night I witnessed the end of Westlife broadcast to my local Cinema screen, and I cried my eyes out so much!
They all did their speeches etc, but Shane's speech was especially the saddest.

I can't even write any more about last night because it was that emotional. All I can say is that I am 16 now, and I have listened to Westlife's music since I was 2 years old. Their music has helped me through thick and thin.

Once a Westlifer, always a Westlifer...
Stay strong boys!
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